Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!!

I am so excited I’m actually giddy – and it has absolutely nothing to do with the Samuel Adams lager I’m polishing off at this very moment!  It went quite well with the pizza you see in this photo.  This, my very first homemade pizza!  A very foreign admittance to many of you – especially Linda at Savoring Every Bite since she makes pizza every Friday night!  It was her pizza dough recipe I used!  It was so easy, Linda, I believe Friday night will be pizza night for us, too!

The directions for pizza dough can be found at Linda’s website.  Her Roasted Cauliflower Pizza looks so very good, but I didn’t have the ingredients at home.  So my pizza has a different look – but the same good crust on the bottom!  Linda’s recipes always turn out exactly as the photos on her blog – I’ve tried many of them!

I used some of my frozen tomatoes to make my marinara sauce.  In a sauce pan over medium heat I cooked the tomatoes until they thickened.  A pinch of salt, a little black pepper, oregano and basil helped give it a good flavor.  My other ingredients were thinly sliced red onion, slivers of red pepper, pepperoni, about 4 ounces of shredded mozzarella, 1-1/2 cups of finely shredded Pecorino and a sprinkle of parsley.  The pizza was baked at 425 degrees for about 18 to 20 minutes.  I can’t wait to try another one next week!

Now to my second reason for excitement!  Cecilia at thekitchensgarden has nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award!  You can only imagine my surprise and delight!  Cecilia has a lovely blog that is filled not only with lots of humor, recipes and farm animals, but many thought-provoking topics  that make us stop and think – and realize ways in which we can share our blessings with those around us.  Her lovely ideas of teaching children to cook and helping others grow their own gardens – even if it starts as one plant – truly speak to my heart.

Now comes the difficult part of nominating six readers for the award – but it cannot be anyone who has already received the award – including Cecilia.  Very difficult since so many of you have received this award.  So I give it out to all my readers – from me to you with a sincere thank you for going along with me on my cooking adventures and our little side trips to the garden or Shaker Village or a tea room.  I started this blog with no idea I would meet such wonderful, interesting people – and that they would become my friends!  I do heartily thank you for including me in this blogging world of food and fun!  And since John at from the Bartolini kitchens has such faith in me, I may try homemade pasta tomorrow!

19 responses to “Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!!

  1. What a nice gesture and that pizza looks killer. Linda has such great stuff.

  2. There’s nothing like a homemade pizza. Just look at yours here! And if you’re going to use someone’s recipes, Linda’s are the ones to follow. She’s got something for everyone on her blog, each better than the last. Congrats on receiving the well-deserved Reader Appreciation Award, Phyllis. Huzzah! Thanks for the mention and I can’t wait to hear your pasta tales from tomorrow. You’re in for a real treat!

  3. I’m a fan of Linda’s blog as well… but you made a very awesome pizza yourself!! It caught my attention right at that first cheesy photo!!

  4. Congratulations on the award! That pizza really does look good.

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL pizza!
    Congrats on the award, which you so richly deserve!

  6. An absolutely beautiful pizza. Congratulations on your award…we all love your visits and kind words.

  7. Phyllis, this look so good! I’m so happy you had success with the crust – it’s pretty much an easy to do dough! My son is more inclined to eat your pizza than the cauliflower one I’ve made; I do try to keep it simple for him! Now if you make pasta tomorrow, I’m impressed!! Other than gnocchi, I’ve not attempted pasta!! Congrats on the Reader Appreciation Award – I know I love to visit and read your blog!!

    • Linda, thank you so very much! Ritchey was a happy man last night – and when I showed him your cauliflower pizza he’s decided he wants that next week! With veggies on top it’s bound to be healthy – or so we think! Let’s at least say healthier!

  8. Phyllis that pizza looks so inviting..nothing tastes as good as homemade pizza fresh out of the oven

  9. I know good pizza and that looks like great pizza to me. 😉 It reminds me I haven’t had pizza in too long.

    Congrats on the award!

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