O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Treasures

What says Christmas more than the tree itself?  Decorating the tree is now solely my job – but I relish it!  Each ornament must go in just the right spot!  Which is probably why Ritchey leaves it up to me!  Everyone has their little idiosyncrasies that perhaps drive others to distraction – this is mine!  Our ornaments have been made or purchased through the years and I want each one to have its place of honor on the tree!

This was the first ornament we purchased!  It hung on my Mom’s tree that year and we married the following March.  Terribly sentimental, I know!

Just starting out we didn’t have much money for decorations – so we made our own!  Several of my counted cross stitch pieces are on the tree.

Ritchey made this Jack-in-the-Box!  Bells, hearts, drums – many different ornaments were made in those early years – including a large gingerbread house and a nativity set.  Linton and Kate both loved to help make things for the tree, too, and could also play with them with no worry of breakage!

The tree must have lots of sparkle!

Kate’s angel – when she was still ‘Katie’!  Linton has his name on Rudolph – complete with red nose!

Our 25th wedding anniversary must be noted with an ornament!

And, of course, no tree of mine would be complete without a teapot – or two, or three.  Actually I believe there are eight!  All very different – this one spilling out glass droplets of tea!

Fleur de lis, little birdies, crystal baby grands, more sparkles – all on there!

And the oldest was given to me when I taught school – and was still Miss Hill at that time!

Now that I’ve taken you down memory lane I ask – what goes under the tree?!  Presents?  No!  Baxter!  He loves it!  Our tree revolves and if he gets a little too close to the edge it whacks him on the head – does he move?  No!  It also was a bit daunting trying to get my pictures as the tree moved – but I’m always up for a challenge!

Bailey prefers the back of the couch!

And now I present our tree in its entirety!  Merry Christmas to you and those you love!


19 responses to “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Treasures

  1. Beautiful tree and I know how you feel about ornaments. My family has a huge collection of new and very old ornaments. I once purchased a 20 foot tree for our house and we still didn’t have enough room for the all the ornaments! and yes that tree was inside the house. 😉

  2. What a gorgeous tree, Phyllis! I really do love your cross-stitched ornaments — just don’t tell the others. Like with children, it isn’t wise to state aloud your favorite. 🙂

  3. Wonderful Christmas tree! Especially these cross stitch pieces fascinated me. This is great idea. I love to make them too. I am so glad once again to meet with you, seems that it would be so nice to be your follower :)And I love cats so much, your Bailey seems so lovely, doesn’t give damage to the tree and doesn’t pick up anything from the tree just for play? My Princess she is so naughty one so I can’t make any decoration with this tree… I have something but in the box… 🙂 A tree in box… Thank you dear Phyllis, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, with my love, nia

  4. You have a great first ornament. Our first ornament was out of a Hllshire Farms gift pack and has “Our FIrst Christmas” written in ink on the back!

  5. A beautiful tree. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. The handmade needlework is the best!

    Merry Christmas, Phyllis.

    A note to follow
    I am working on a new 2012 blog project to see where my blog travels. I would love to “travel” to you and visit via the USPS snail mail and have you photograph “me” wherever you want to take me, Like the FLAT STANLEY project.
    If you are able to participate email me your snail mail address and then “cardboard me” will be sent to you. Take a photo or two of me wherever you want to take me, then write a couple of sentences about location, you, your blog, how you came to find my blog, anything you wish. You will be a guest blogger when I post your photos.
    What do you think?
    Email snail address to cardboard.me.travels@gmail.com if you can. Hope you can do it. Thanks

  7. Ornaments with meaning are the best…
    My mother decided one year to have a stylish tree – red glass balls, white lights, and fake birds.
    Note that I said ONE year? ‘Cause that’s all it lasted!
    A very Merry Christmas to you and Ritchey and the kids…and thanks for your prayers…

  8. Merry Christmas to you both! I love your tree and memories. Those ornaments truly tell a story of your lives together. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

  9. Thanks for sharing your tree with us, it’s stunning! I love how some ornaments have sentimental value. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! 🙂

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