Gruyere Grilled Grandeur

A simple grilled cheese sandwich – or is it a ‘not’ so simple grilled cheese sandwich?  Everyone has enjoyed the offering of bread and cheese – with a little butter! – such goodness!  Our mothers fixed us grilled cheese for lunch, a snack, when we needed comforting – it was the be all and end all of mothering!  Grilled cheese goes great with soup – especially perhaps a tomato soup – and the sandwich is used for dipping!  It can be that late night meal when we need something quick and easy!

Gruyere is our cheese of choice when it comes to making ‘the’ grilled cheese sandwich!  Yes, this lovely cheese was just featured in the fondue blog!  But around our house it serves in many capacities!  Scalloped Potatoes made with Gruyere have such a depth of taste.  Shredded and used for salads, added to any sandwich, the list goes on and on.  This cheese works wonders no matter how it’s used!

Everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese sandwich!  I use a nine-grain bread, spread a little butter on the outside slices – well, perhaps more than a little – and fill the middle of the sandwich with good Gruyere!  I also add a little butter to my skillet.

Turn the sandwiches several times – to brown both sides and allow the cheese to melt into utter gooey goodness!  Good bread, butter and cheese – what more could you want?  Enjoy!  What cheese do you prefer for your grilled cheese sandwiches?


23 responses to “Gruyere Grilled Grandeur

  1. Oh, more grilled cheese! A new favorite for a certain little guy, as you know!
    I’ll make it with whatever wonderful cheese happens to be hanging out in my fridge – sometimes with more than one! – but my current favorite is a maple-smoked gouda from Vermont, on rye bread…
    Love that oozy-cheese goodness in the second-to-last photo!

  2. Grilled cheeeeeeeeeeese oh my god I love grilled cheese! My favourite cheeses for this are cheddar and brie and it’s so hard to get those here….

  3. Wow! Now I want one… Normally I use cheddar, but I will try the gruyere next time.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  4. YUM! There is no such thing as a wrong cheese to use here; I love them all. I’m a sandwich kinda guy and some can get pretty complicated — and architectural. But none of them can hold a candle to a finely grilled cheese and using gouda is a very good way to go.

  5. You don’t use grand lightly. Look at that!

  6. This is just what I’d love to eat right this minute, if only I had a little chunk of Gruyere, and I don’t think goat cheese would be quite the same;) I love grilled cheese and made them so often and had forgotten about them!

  7. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Such comfort and the gruyere makes it adult comfort food. Oh my.

  8. You can never go wrong with grilled cheese…and Gruyere cheese just takes it to the next level! I’m glad you didn’t skimp on the cheese. It’s not right if the cheese isn’t oozing out of the sandwich. 😉

  9. There is nothing better with a bowl of tomato soup than grilled cheese! And you’ve made this even better with gruyere!!

  10. There really is something so very comforting about bread, butter and grilled cheese. Now you’ve made me rather hungry….!

  11. Nothing grilled cheese and tomato soup, which has to taste even better with gruyere.

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