Shakertown’s Simple Christmas Joys at Dusk

Saturday evening was spent at Shaker Village, enjoying a Christmas of old.  A village simply decorated with green boughs, red bows and candlelight.  We arrived at sunset.  Such a perfect setting for a lovely evening.  A huge flock of geese winged their way from the pond to distant places – flying directly overhead just after I snapped this photo.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to catch them in flight!  I used no flash during our visit – to keep in the tone of the time period represented.

Post lamps throughout the village lit the way – although  nothing as bright as today’s standards.  It was quite dark during most of our visit, giving one a sense of what the life of the Shakers must have been.  Long winter nights with only the moon and stars to guide their way through the village.  And quiet – even the guests spoke in hushed tones.  It was as if the lovely mood could be broken with harsh sounds!

The Centre Family Dwelling gleams in the moonlight and candlelight.  Such a beautiful building!  As you can see in the picture below, there were two doors – men entered through one door and women through the other.  The Shakers thought the second coming of Christ imminent – within their lifetimes – that was the basis of their celibacy.

As you can see in the following picture, the moon was highly visible above the treetops.  The clouds and the few stars made for a beautiful evening sky.  As we were leaving, our friends saw a large shooting star – a magical night indeed!  Their faces registered their surprise!  Ritchey and I were facing them and missed it!

The Trustee’s Dining Room was filled with hungry visitors.  No one can resist the food at Shaker Village!  From previous posts you know just how delicious it is!

Grey Percherons, draft horses originally from France, were waiting to take guests on a jungle bell ride through the village.  Not a sleigh, but a wagon was the mode of transportation!  Percherons were originally bred for use as war horses, but eventually were used for stage coaches and hauling heavy goods.

One of the little girls in the wagon was having a grand time – she waved to everyone! 

All houses had a majestic, unearthly glow about them.  Not an unpleasant effect – quite the opposite.  It gave them a welcoming, homey appearance.

Fires burned brightly in metal containers.  Good for warming cold hands!  Hot chocolate and yummy cookies were served – and people gathered around to hear carols sung.  This was a lovely evening – spent at one of our favorite places – with two of our dearest friends!  Soon we will visit again for Christmas Tea!


15 responses to “Shakertown’s Simple Christmas Joys at Dusk

  1. Ah, what a wonderful evening you must have had! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and comments. If we lived near there we certainly would have joined you. “Simple joys” are often the best.

  2. Your opening picture is just wonderful.

  3. What a lovely evening! Just so perfect to get into the holiday spirit! I’d love to find somewhere like that to visit down here; there certainly would be no fire to warm our hands!

  4. You’ve brought us here a number of times and, each time, it becomes more clear why you love going there. It is an enchanting place, especially this time of the year.

  5. Thank you for sharing those wondereful pictures
    it looks like a magical evening 🙂

  6. great, what a wonderful thing to experience and in such a beautiful setting.. c

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