Truth In A Bumper Sticker?

Debbie and Dennis brought this bumper sticker back from their trip for me – isn’t that a great motto?  I’ve always thought this, just never wrote it down or put it into so many words!  This is me – this is what I do!  I love it!  And I’m sure all of you feel the same!  Anyone who loves food and cooking as much as my blogger friends, this should be your motto, too!  And not only do we want to cook tasty food – we want to share that tasty food with others.  We love people – we cook for them!  What more can we say?


8 responses to “Truth In A Bumper Sticker?

  1. I’d like that as wall art in my kitchen!! It speaks directly to how I feel!! Love it!

  2. Finally a bumper sticker I can support without alienating half of the country!

Any thoughts?

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