A Light and Fluffy Frittata

How much better could Saturday morning get after being out in the chill and frost, taking pictures and working up an appetite?  Finding enough cherry tomatoes that survived the last several frosty days – hidden underneath the vines – to use for a breakfast frittata!  And dill!

And thyme!

My sister’s fresh eggs were waiting in the fridge – along with some asiago cheese.  Black olives, red onion and a little salt and pepper were the only other necessary ingredients.  Well, other than butter!

Frittatas are such lovely works of art – similar, but every one completely individual and different in its own way!  Saute chopped onion in a couple tablespoons of butter in a skillet.  Break 5 or 6 eggs into a bowl.  Add a little salt and pepper and whisk!  Add the eggs into the skillet.  Add tomatoes, chopped black olives, fresh dill and thyme.  Cook until the bottom is golden brown.  Remove skillet from heat and add shredded asiago cheese.  Place under the broiler in your oven until the cheese is melted and eggs are set.  Prepare yourself for one great breakfast – especially if it’s shared with someone you love!  Enjoy!


22 responses to “A Light and Fluffy Frittata

  1. Now you’re talking my language! I love frittate, from the very light to the most hearty. The only problem I’ve ever had when I’ve served one is that it wasn’t large enough. They seem to just disappear once put on the table.

  2. I think a frittata is wonderful…breakfast, lunch or dinner it is great dish. And aren’t you so lucky to still have tomatoes in your garden.

  3. Great photos and the frittata looks lovely!

  4. Yummy. I adore the photos and the frittata looks exceptional.

  5. I love a frittata. they are such a time honoured lunch! lovely.. c

  6. That is a work of art. Oh and those tomatoes. This is a great meal anytime of the day.

    • Indeed it is! And we’ve had one at just about any time of day! I will really miss my tomatoes when they’re gone! Ritchey was going to pull the vines this past weekend, but decided to wait another week, since there is the possibility of finding a few stragglers underneath the pile of plants – where they haven’t been touched by frost!

  7. I’d love that for dinner, with a nice Sancerre… YUM!

  8. another fan of Frittatas checking in 🙂 I like your combination of olives and tomatoes, YUM

  9. I absolutely love frittatas and they are always so delicious and filling. This one looks so yummy and great for low carb diet,.

  10. Frittate is one of my favorite breakfast and your pictures are just making me hungry. 😉

  11. This frittata looks amazing!
    The perfect breakfast for the weekend.

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