An Edvard Grieg ‘Morning’

An Edvard Grieg ‘Morning’

There was a good frost last night!  After one peak out the window I ran for my camera!  Frost on the ground, leaves turned to red and gold and the sun bathing all in a lovely glow!

The song that ran through my mind while I took my photos was Edvard Grieg’s ‘Morning’ – on of my favorite pieces!  The music is so relaxing and beautiful.  In fact, when Ritchey and I married, the organist played Morning just before I walked down the aisle.  After the prelude I wanted just a little calm and meditative moment before my entrance.  Did it work – nah!  Ritchey was going up and down on his tippy toes while I was walking towards him, a big smile on his face, my breath catching in my throat!  We were so excited!  If you’ve never heard this piece click here for a listen – Morning.

The golden leaves from our ginko are in one small pile!  It’s a very small tree – shorter than I!

My dill was covered with tiny water droplets – melted frost?  There is dill growing everywhere – between the raised beds, mixed in some of the beds, between the stepping stones at the foot of the deck!  Let it grow!

One amazing day lily that bloomed last week!  Talk about a hardy plant!

Looking up into our small oak tree – it’s just a baby!  It’s bigger than the ginko, but when you normally think of an oak tree you think gigantic – this one is 8-10 feet in height!

Our cherry tomato plants are so thick, a few of the beautiful red cherries survived the frost – we put them in our frittata this morning!

The ground was littered with leaves – this maple leaf is still wet with morning dew.

I love the play of light through the leaf!

These little purple flowers – not sure of the name – give a bright burst of color!

Such beauty to be found – and in our backyard!  I hope your morning was as enjoyable as ours!


12 responses to “An Edvard Grieg ‘Morning’

  1. Oh sounds so delightful as always.

  2. You really managed to capture Jack Frost’s wake, Phyllis, and so beautifully, too. As much as I may dislike our weather here in the dead of Winter, to be rid of it woud also mean giving up Fall. That’s just too high a price to pay.

    • Like you, I could never give up Fall, even to avoid Winter. But even it has it’s own beauty and treats! I love the sense of being snug and warm in our home while listening to the wind howl, or the snow blow by the windows – or sometimes both!

  3. These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your morning with us! Enjoy the rest of the day 🙂

  4. heartwarming and amazingly beautiful pictures!

  5. So lovely! I’m crazy about the frost, too, but managed to miss a good one two days ago…
    Have a good week!

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