Spook-tacular Halloweens – Then and Now!

Spook-tacular Halloweens – Then and Now!

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  Ghosts, goblins, fairy princesses – and candy, candy, candy!  Halloween has always been a fun time for our family.  From carving pumpkins to going through the neighborhood for ‘trick or treat’  – from dressing up to making ghostly sounds for those visiting our door – the season is filled with fun!  And food!  After making the rounds we’re ready to eat! 

The menu has rarely changed – chili and nicely grilled hot dogs!  Sauerkraut, chopped olives, shredded cheddar cheese, diced green onions and a meat sauce are our favorite toppings – each person’s hot dog is a unique creation – and just to their liking!  Hot spiced cider warms us after being out in the chill.  Dessert is always chocolate cupcakes with orange decorations!  Why mess with perfection?  

This was one of our first Halloween celebrations!  I made all three costumes.  Laura, my younger sister by 19 years, holds two-year-old Kate.  Linton is ready with his pumpkin!  At four he knows what to do!  What fun when they’re so young!

A few years later we had Cleopatra and The Wizard!  No drama at all in these two, is there?  I loved the shiny material we found that year – but difficult to sew!

Ritchey was the costume master for Linton this particular year – he worked hard on the traffic light!  The bulbs were wired to batteries and the lit signal could be changed from red to yellow to green!  It was bitterly cold that night – and the wind whipped around!  Linton stayed warm in his costume – with layers of sweaters underneath!

While Linton and Kate were in elementary school I would visit each Halloween – dressed up, with a story to tell or a lesson to teach – there must be a semblance of education along with the bearing of treats!  For this particular year my subject was arachnids – seemed to fit right in with my witchy theme.  Another year I came as Madame X in 18th century dress, complete with cape and mask, telling the woeful story of my dearly departed husband and presenting the only parts of his body left for burial.  Even fifth grade boys were a little hesitant to handle the worms that ate the rest of his body!

The Blues Brothers!  Too old for going door to door for treats, but perfect for dress-up for school.  Kate just needed a bit of shadow on her chin!

I believe this was the year we brought out the keyboard and Kate sang Phantom of the Opera while I played in a twangy pipe organ sound.  Kate has entered – and won! – many music competitions, singing Broadway.  She easily hits those high notes!  We had a few customers that turned and walked away – or should I say ran!  After that we decided it was perhaps a bit too much!

As you can see we still like to dress up!  Give us any possible occasion and we’ll be there!  Now the fun is extended to other events as well.  Are you ready for Halloween?


12 responses to “Spook-tacular Halloweens – Then and Now!

  1. Ha, the Blues Brothers picture is definitely my favorite!

  2. Alas, I will have to do with picture from my grandson’s first Halloween…but I can put them in the book with the ones of his Mom, Auntie and Uncle!

    I miss the excitement of holidays with small children…

  3. Happy Halloween! You are amazing! Those costumes and sharing all those memories… I simply loved it.
    Are we ready? Obviously not as much as you guys!
    Enjoy the spooky weekend!

  4. I do miss the Halloween hoopla. Around here, the children go to parties at school, church, or at a friend’s. Very few, if any, go trick or treating. So long as they have a good time, that’s all that matters. Still, I miss seeing the little ones showing off their costumes.

    • Even when Linton and Kate were young, and being from a small town, we only took them trick or treating in our own neighborhood. There are many who go only to churches or school Halloween activities. We now live in a subdivision and people come from everywhere!

  5. This is so special! I don’t know what my kids would say if I posted their Halloween costume history, but I know I’d love it! Wonderful memories and beautiful children!!

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