It’s Fall, Y’all!

Looking at this photo you probably think I’ve mixed up my seasons!  But no, this was our bounty of tomatoes picked on Saturday!  Since the weather has shifted from 90 degrees to about 78 in the last few weeks, the tomatoes have started to ripen nicely!  Such a lovely surprise for this late in the year!  Since the pink and yellow tomatoes have little acid in them and are not as suitable for canning, I’m going to peel them, cut them in wedges and freeze them.  They’ll make a lovely soup – or baked tomatoes!

I pick tomatoes from the perimeter of our little garden area – Ritchey gets the job of going into the middle to face the spiders and whatever else happens to be lurking there!  Notice how the vines are drying up – yet some are still green!

Spiderwebs abound!  Just an example of one on the deck!  Much of the day was spent removing spider webs, cleaning gutters, washing windows, hanging fall curtains – just the business of changing seasons and getting the house prepared!

Most of our flowers are just a memory – the colorful zinnias, the glorious day lilies – even the hummingbird bushes have only dried blooms left on them.  But these are still beautiful and colorful.

The catalpa tree’s leaves are drying, a few turning somewhat of a shade of yellow!  We really don’t have much color in our leaves yet – towards the end of the month we’ll see more – deep reds, yellows, russet, golds.  Perhaps we’ll drive to Eastern Kentucky – in the mountains there will be a gorgeous array of colors!

This poke bush, that was hidden behind some of the butterfly bushes, has now produced berries.  I love the purplish color of the stems – and the dark purple that the berries will eventually become – you can see that one at the top has already turned.

The dried grasses abound now.  I think they’re beautiful, although some may call them just a weed.  I love the shade of brown of this one!

Our Nippon Daisy – related to the Chrysanthemum – doesn’t look like a mum at all, except in the round mound in which they grow.  The leaves are rubbery, thick and scalloped.

And the best was saved for last!  An Apple Thingamajig – according to John at from the Bartolini kitchens.  Visit his website for the recipe!  The house was filled with a wonderful cinnamon smell – and the taste was out of this world!  We were two tired people – but with a pot of coffee and our delicious apple dessert we were also two very happy people!  But then, we always are!


6 responses to “It’s Fall, Y’all!

  1. How lucky you are to still have tomatoes! My plants gave out some time ago. There is so much more beaty in Fall than just the leaves – altho they can be spectacular. And thank you for the kindly mention of my blog. Zia thought your Thingamajig beautiful. “Bella” was the word she used. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t decide which is making me more jealous, the tomatoes or the thingamijig! I’d say the tomatoes because I need to make an apple thingy. I have to wait until next year to have tomatoes so nice!

  3. Love your thingamajig! I like making pies in that fashion, crostada. It’s rustic and doesn’t have to look perfect, just taste good!!

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