An Award and Only Three Months Old!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Surprise doesn’t exactly tell the entire story when I found out ChgoJohn at from the Bartolini kitchens nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award!  I greatly appreciate his faith in me!  Not only does John turn out the most marvelous looking food, I love his sense of humor and his accompanying stories!  And he has that great Italian heritage to back him up!  I’m sure you’ve visited from the Bartolini kitchens many times – but just in case there are a few of you that haven’t, please do so!  I truly feel I am a toddler among giants, but will try to live up to this honor!

I’m supposed to present seven unknown facts about myself and pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.

1.  If there’s one thing I’m even more passionate about than cooking, it’s genealogy!  Since I was a toddler, sitting on the arm of my grandfather’s chair and listening to his stories, family history has become almost an obsession!  My actual research started almost 40 years ago!  I have some of my family lines back to the 700’s.  My genealogy blog began in April of this year.

2.  Dressing up for renaissance faires and other period festivities is something I love.  We are attending a Tolkien Festival – A Long Expected Party 2 – later in the week.  My elvish costumes for Lady Celebrian, wife of Lord Elrond, are ready and waiting!

3.  There are far more books in this house than in the normal household – perhaps 5,000.  Most are histories, biographies, genealogy, science – and a few fiction.  Dare I mention we like to read?

4.  I used to be a very shy, quiet, person but when I turned 50 decided to throw caution to the wind – and can now even monopolize a conversation!  And no, it doesn’t bother me to tell my age!

5.  When I was growing up – and through high school – everyone thought I would be a concert pianist.  I still love to play, but more as an accompanist for Kate or Ritchey.

My first teapot - a Hall's cobalt, Gold Label, Los Angeles Teapot - a birthday gift years ago from my mother.

6.  I have a teapot collection of well over 250.  My favorites are my Halls teapots – from the Hall China Company in East Liverpool, Ohio – many of which date from 1910-1930.  But they don’t just sit on the shelf – I enjoy a spot of tea from them!
7.  I love to travel, but have never been out of the United States, whereas Ritchey has lived in exotic places the world over.  My dream is a trip to Europe – what food and history to be found!

8.  And the best I have saved for last!  I live with my soulmate of 31 years – my husband, Ritchey, whom I adore!  We share many interests – including those listed above – but are different enough to make things interesting!  We have two children, Linton, our son, who is 29, and Kate, our daughter, who is 27, who have taught me as many things as hopefully I have taught them!

Now comes the hard part of passing on the award!  Please forgive me if I’ve overlooked someone or if I pass this to someone who has recently received it!

Thank you, again, ChgoJohn, for The Versatile Blogger Award!


8 responses to “An Award and Only Three Months Old!

  1. Yes, you may not have been doing this for a long time — neither have I — but you are no less deserving. That zucchini casserole, alone, is award worthy. (I just made it again last night, by the way.) Besides, now we’ve gotten to know a little bit more about you. (Love that you guys “play dress-up.” 🙂 ) And thank you so much for your kind words about my blog.

    • I’m so glad you like that recipe! That was one of my favorites from this summer, too! Yes, I spent most of the night – well, until 5:00 a.m. – working on one of Ritchey’s costumes! It will be great fun – people come from as far away as Canada and Scotland to attend this event! And it’s in our backyard – only 6 miles away!

  2. This was so fun to read. I now have a picture of the homiest abode in the world, stuffed with books, teapots and brimming with love.

  3. I guess I’ve happened upon you on a very good day getting to share your good news as well as learn something about you. Your blog title encompasses all things that I like. I look forward to more.

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  5. Teapots eh?! I do like the look of your Hall’s Cobalt, Gold Label.. I can see how you might get a lovely “cuppa” out of that!
    Many thanks for nominating Scene Scope for the Versatile Blogger Award! Quite a lovely surprise 🙂
    Happy Blogging!

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