Black Swallowtail

black swallowtail

This beautiful swallowtail visited our gardens last week.  The weather today was cool, rainy and windy – no day for butterflies!  This makes me appreciate those hot summer days when we had many winged visitors.

This is one butterfly that is actually more colorful on his under wings.  The black, blue and white spots are gorgeous – with the one orange dot on each wing – but pales in comparison to what is on the other side.

The underside of his wings are much more brilliantly colored!  And check out that body!  Black with white spots!  What wonders we have right before our eyes – that most people miss!  I love these gorgeous creatures!  How I will miss them when they’re gone – much like my tomatoes!  But not having them through the winter will make me appreciate their reappearance next summer all the more!


5 responses to “Black Swallowtail

  1. Such great detail shots! Love that you got it from all angles.

  2. It’s always a special day when a swallowtail appears in my garden. You were lucky enough to capture this one’s visit on film. Well done!

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