Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset

Driving home from Lexington Saturday night, the sunset was beautiful!

Just as we turned onto Sleepy Hollow and crested the top of the hill it was majestic!  Ritchey stopped the car so I could take a few shots.  What a wonderful gift at the end of the day!  Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday everyone!


6 responses to “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. That was, as you said, “a wonderful gift at the end of the day.” And you have a great holiday, as well.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Each easter my sister and daughter go to our coast to await the Easter sunrise over the North Sea – always wonderful photographs of the stunning warmth of the sun in contrast to the freezing cold of the early morning

  3. Beautiful pictures. You do live in a gorgeous area. On the way north, we got out of the car in Elizabethtown and it was cool. Katherine said we’re up north. On the way South, we got out of the car and it was hot, she said we’re in the South again! Happy Labor Day.

    • Thank you! I love Kentucky – it is so diverse! We have the gently rolling hills of the Bluegrass area, the mountains of eastern Kentucky, the rather flat land of western Kentucky. We have the two major cities of Louisville and Lexington – 60 and 45 minutes from Harrodsburg. Even Cincinnati is only 90 minutes away – an easy day trip!

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