St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort

Each year Ritchey and I grow a new herb – this year was St. John’s Wort.  I believe Ritchey chose St. John’s Wort because it is included in some herbal teas he drinks.  Neither of us realized what a beautiful flower it produces!

Our plant has done very well – and produced numerous of the lovely yellow blooms.  It reminds me a bit of a miniature firework exploding in all directions!

St. John’s Wort is a perennial that can grow wild in meadows.  It is an herbal treatment for depression.  That may be, but in my opinion, just looking at the beautiful plant and exotic flowers would lift anyone’s spirits!


6 responses to “St. John’s Wort

  1. Yes, they are – especially set against the shade of green in the leaves!

  2. I’d no idea what the herb looked like — until now. It really is a firecracker of a flower! Thanks. I learned something new here today.

  3. So pretty! Congrats on your gardening success!

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