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Ocracoke Lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse

No visit to Hatteras Island is complete without a trip to Ocracoke Island.  There are no bridges, your only way to visit is by boat – or ferry!  Ferries run from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island every 30 minutes, except during the winter months.  A ferry ride is always one of the highlights of our visit to the area.

There is so much to see the 40 minute trip goes by quickly!  Birds, other ferries – the ocean!  So many things to enjoy!  It is a pleasure to get out of the car and stand along the side of the ferry – the wind whips through your hair, seagulls fly around, squawking and hoping for a handout and the ocean spray fills your nostrils with that one of a kind smell!

So many pictures to take!  Some of my favorites have been taken on the ferries through the years – just like this one!

On arrival at Ocracoke Island, we drive off the ferry and on to the lighthouse.  During most of the ride the ocean is close to the road.  I never tire of seeing it – or listening to it!

Ocracoke Lighthouse is gleaming white!  It was built in 1823, the second oldest still in use in the nation.  Not as tall as Hatteras Lighthouse it is nevertheless an impressive building!

The walls are five feet thick at the base and made of brick with a mortar surface.  That should be thick enough to withstand almost anything!

The non-rotating light is 75 feet above sea level and can be seen a full 360 degrees to a distance of fourteen miles.  The lighthouse is owned and maintained by the United States Coast Guard and is closed to the public – unfortunately so since I would love to climb to the top!

After a late lunch of crab legs at Howard’s Pub and Raw Bar it was time to get in line to catch a ferry back to Hatteras Island!  What a great day!  Nowhere are we as relaxed and carefree as by the ocean.  The calming influence is good for the body and the soul!