Monarch Butterfly

This year we hadn’t seen any Monarch Butterflies until today!  And there were several flitting around the yard – especially enjoying the Butterfly Bushes!

They are such exquisite creatures!

Ritchey took these wonderful photos!  I was frying eggs for our egg sandwiches at the time – and could have used the camera.

But I could wait . . .

the egg sandwiches weren’t going to flit, flutter and fly away!


6 responses to “Monarch Butterfly

  1. Beautiful shots, yet again! A couple years ago, NOVA, on PBS, aired a special, “Journey of the Butterflies'” and it tracked the Monarchs’ 2000 mile migration that involves 4 generations each year. It’s the only one of its kind on Earth. I found it utterly fascinating and guess that you would, too.

  2. Good captures- I have a butterfly bush too and I love it.

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