Steak Anyone?


Last night’s dinner was an easy fix – but yet so very satisfying!  Our beef and pork comes straight from the hoof – my sister and her husband raise beef cattle – his cousin raises hogs.  The cattle are grain-fed, no antibiotics of any kind – just good, healthy steers!  His cousin takes just as much care and pride in raising his hogs.  I can prepare and serve our meat with no worry about how it was raised or what additives it may contain.  Fresh beef and pork can be purchased at many of the larger farmers’ markets.  I would highly recommend that you try some.  It may be a bit more expensive, but in my opinion it is better to eat less, but higher-quality meat.  Once tried, you’ll never go back to purchasing meat from the grocery store!

And the taste is out of this world!  Just a little salt and pepper and place on a hot grill!  No need for marinade or sauce – just a good beef taste with every tender, mouthwatering chew!  All that was needed to complete the meal was a baked potato with butter and a little shredded Gruyere cheese, a tomato salad made with our garden tomatoes and a good Merlot!  Heavenly!  However, since Ritchey had worked 14 hours, as it is many days, it was too much to expect him to wait while I took more photos!  So the rest is left to your imagination!  But his steak had a lovely sear and was rare – just like he likes it!  Mine was lightly pink – just like I like mine!  Enjoy!


4 responses to “Steak Anyone?

  1. I absolutely love a rib eye grilled to perfection. And you are so right about buying meat directly, if one can. We have traded away so much, all in the name of convenience.

    • Convenience – and what is it really? Food that tastes like cardboard, but yet adds on unwanted layers of fat! When my children were young I remember another mother saying that she just bought Happy Meals during the week while her husband was away at work – because it was so much cheaper! And that wasn’t the real reason – she just didn’t want to go to the trouble of fixing them a nutritious meal! Sorry, got a little carried away there, but this has always bothered me! Now that my children are grown and away from home they may not always cook due to their crazy schedules, but they value a home-cooked meal and have both become excellent, innovative cooks!

  2. That looks wonderful. It must be nice to have access to such fresh meat. What a great all around meal!

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