Summertime at Shaker Village

Sunday lunch is always lovely at Shaker Village.

Ritchey had their Summer Vegetable Pasta – baby squash, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, shallots and scallions in a white wine and butter reduction served over fresh wide noodles and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.  I tasted it!  I can vouch that it was stupendous!

I decided on the Pleasant Hill Chicken Salad Plate – their yummy chicken salad, fresh fruit and ham salad and pimento cheese on biscuits.  It was very light and refreshing on a hot, humid day!  After lunch we walked around the grounds – even in all the heat it was immensely enjoyable!

The horses must have had the day off!  None were pulling wagonloads of visitors today!

Mr. Goat wanted his head scratched and a handful of green grass!

Will he become Thanksgiving dinner later in the year?

Isn’t this rooster a beautiful color?

Now how many of you thought this was corn?  It’s actually sorghum!  You can tell by the head that develops at the top of the plant – look above the handles of the plow – you can see one!  Later in the year you can visit and watch them make it into molasses!

The dining hall – side view.  We sat at the door in the very center of the picture – what a great view while enjoying such a good meal!

The fields were full of glorious wildflowers!

Ironweed – I wish I had some in my garden!  It’s beautiful – and draws butterflies by the hundreds!

If we had more land we would have at least one field dedicated to wild flowers!

Algae has overrun the pond!  Looks like the geese are swimming on grass!

The geese started towards me – I’m sure they thought I had food – not a camera!

Come spend a relaxing day at Shaker Village!  You will see something different every time you come!  And it will take you back to a time when it was said, “We make you kindly welcome!”


5 responses to “Summertime at Shaker Village

  1. What a lovely way, and place, to spend a Sunday in Summer! Good for you both.

  2. Beautiful photos! Your hubby ordered a dish I would certainly love! So garden fresh! Thanks for sharing this, it’s a great road trip post!! Wish I was there!

  3. Love the photos! Looks like such a great place.

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