Hatteras Lighthouse!


The beach is a place to relax – sit by the ocean, read, swim, do nothing!  But no visit to Hatteras Island is complete without a trip to see Hatteras Lighthouse!

Last year when we visited it was a lovely day!  Up these steps and through the door in the base of the lighthouse leads to the winding stairway that will take you to the top!

268 steps up!  Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest in the nation – and this one has been in existence for over 100 years.  The first lighthouse that stood at this spot, and a lighted beacon on Shell Castle Island, was appropriated by Congress in 1797 at a price of $44,000.

The second, and present, lighthouse was appropriated at a cost of $80,000, in 1868.

The beacon can be seen for more than 20 miles.  This is a shot from inside the lighthouse.

The eastern-most point of the island – as seen from the top of the lighthouse.

Due to erosion of the shore, Hatteras Lighthouse was moved 2,870 feet inland in 1999.  You can see the sandy circle where the lighthouse originally stood.  We happened to be there at that time, but I cannot locate those pictures!

The beacon from outside the lighthouse.

The park ranger took this shot of us at the top!

Time to journey down!  This is the easy part!  Perhaps you will purchase a t-shirt that proclaims you made it to the top!


One response to “Hatteras Lighthouse!

  1. My wife’s family used to vacation in Kittyhawk. I have to show her these.

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