The Mayan Cafe

Photo – The Mayan Cafe website!  Chef Herberto Rosendo “Bruce” Ucán Ake


If I had but one choice for dinner, it would be The Mayan Cafe.  Ritchey and I found this wonderful place quite by accident – while I was at a conference at the Galt House in Louisville.  We wanted lunch close by so I would make my afternoon classes.  After our first visit we came back every day to enjoy their stupendous food!  Not only is the food very, very good – it is not your every day, run of the mill cuisine.  If you love to eat – and enjoy trying something new – this is the place to come!  On top of that, they use local, sustainably-farmed ingredients!

We celebrated Linton’s birthday at The Mayan Cafe!  First was their Guacamole and Totopos.  This is the way to make guacamole!  What a beginning!  Then on to the entrees!

I had the vegetable plate – Tok-Sel Lima Beans – an ancient Mayan recipe – and my favorite!  Corn cakes, fried plantains and grilled cactus.  Notice the pickled red onions – to die for!  I also had a carrot and ginger bisque with goat cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Ritchey had salmon in a roasted garlic ciutiachoche cream sauce, served with Tok-Sel Lima Beans and rice.  He also had a bowl of seafood bisque – made with salmon, crawfish and whitefish.

The birthday boy had scallops in a salsa negro sauce with fried plantains and a yucca cake.  Notice the golden-brown sear on the scallops!

Kate had shrimp in a pumpkin sauce with grilled cactus and rice.  All the dishes tasted great and were presented beautifully!

We were full and very happy people!  Then we had dessert!  Linton and Kate had a Fried Banana Churro rolled in honey and pistachios, with a Mexican chocolate sauce and banana ice cream!  Ritchey and I shared a Coconut-Mango Cheesecake – extremely good – the flavors just burst in your mouth.  It is the best cheesecake!

When you are in Louisville, visit The Mayan Cafe – you will find your restaurant!


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