Todays’s Winged Visitors

Our flowers had many visitors today.  These are a few of the photos I took.  This White selected a pink zinnia for lunch!

This Clearwing Hummingbird Moth didn’t want to pose for the camera!  He was far too busy collecting his daily nectar!

This Great Golden Digger Wasp was just shy.  It was difficult to get very close!

This Buckeye loves our oregano that’s gone to flower!

Doesn’t the purple of the hummingbird bush and yellow of the Sulfur make a pretty picture – especially with the green background?

There were multitudes of bumble bees and honey bees!

These two tiny butterflies were in abundance on the hummingbird bush – several on one sprig – the trick was to take the picture while they were together!  I believe this one is a Skipper – I’m not sure about the one below.


4 responses to “Todays’s Winged Visitors

  1. Great detail shots. I don’t see as many butterflies, but we see lots of dragonflies down here.

  2. mewithmycamera

    Some very good shots!

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