The Old Chickahominy House

The Old Chickahominy House

Any time Ritchey and I are in Williamsburg, or even close, we stop by The Old Chickahominy House.  My sister and I discovered the wonders of this restaurant when we took a tour of Washington, D.C. and Virginia in 1979 – this was before either of us married.  About 15 years later I introduced Ritchey to the wonderful old Virginia ham and biscuits (square and rather flat, but out of this world!), homemade pies (last time I had coconut!), Brunswick Stew, chicken and dumplings – and he agreed it was the best he’d ever had!  When we visit for a few days we eat breakfast here every morning.  If we are driving elsewhere we always opt to stay in Williamsburg overnight, just to go to The Old Chickahominy House to eat!

The dining room reminds you of an old manor house – with many small tables and chairs.  Portraits and oil paintings adorn the dark colored walls.  The oak floors add to the ambience.  The fireplace and mantel are the focal point – with candlesticks and decorations.

In addition to the yummy food, they have a gift shop with delightfully dainty items for your table – among other things!

The owner was kind enough to take our picture the last time we were there!

Next time you are in Williamsburg stop by and have a bite – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Any thoughts?

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