Pink Blooms with Pizzazz!

Our Crape Myrtle Bush is glorious this year!  Profusions of blossoms abound!  In fact, there are so many that the top branches are bent over with their heavy load!

Lagerstroemia, commonly known as crape myrtle, originally from China and Korea, was introduced around 1790 to Charleston, South Carolina, by a French botanist, Andre Michaux.

Quite a pairing – the deep pink blooms of the Crape Myrtle and the yellow-orange petals of Black-Eyed Susans – border the path to the front door.

I believe our variety is the Pink Velour Crape Myrtle, but since it was here when we bought the house I can’t be sure!  I just know it’s simply gorgeous and I cherish every day it is in bloom!


4 responses to “Pink Blooms with Pizzazz!

  1. What a wonderful colour!

  2. We’re down in Arkansas and these are everywhere. Such a pretty tree, one of my wife’s favorites.

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