Bounteous Garden

This is our little garden area – seven tomato plants (of different varieties – yellow and red) one pepper plant, one yellow squash hill and one zucchini hill.  The tomato plants are amazing.  I call the one on the left our monster plant – a yellow pear tomato!  Notice it is almost as tall as Ritchey!  The tomatoes are still green – but there is the hope of many ripe ones to come!

Our yellow pear tomatoes – or that will be yellow!

These are actually from the plant behind the monster plant!   They are called Mr. Stripey and are a large yellow tomato with red stripes.  Tiny red cherry tomatoes, a large red tomato and German Johnson are the rest of our plants.

Saturday we had our first green pepper – and there are more on the vine!

The promise of a yellow summer squash!  I boil them, drain the water and add a little salt and pepper, dill, butter and milk – and mash!  Oh, how creamy and good!

A fine zucchini ready to pick – which can be fixed so many different ways!  I love to stuff them, saute them, make zucchini bread – let me count the ways!

Even though Ritchey made tomato cages from cattle panel this year (very sturdy stuff!), the plants are growing out of their boundaries!  He is using stakes and soft yarn to tie up the plants.  He goes out every night to look at them, turn the soaker hose on and douse them with sulfur.  I secretly believe he sings to them in his beautiful baritone voice, much like Monsieur Duflot sang to his vines in A Good Year!   How else could they grow so well and have so much fruit just waiting to ripen?


3 responses to “Bounteous Garden

  1. love it. we’ve already enjoyed some zucchini bread from our’s! i love watching xander watch it grow and then be cooked – he gets very excited when it’s from our garden. today i am letting him pick our first golden cherry tomato. i can hardly get them in the house b/c he jumps out of the car and gets them right off the vine, i can’t complain though – he’s eating fruits and veggies!!

  2. also, can you send me a good recipe to stuff the zucchini? we love to eat it a million ways too but have never tried that one. or post it 🙂 you know i read your blog 🙂 🙂 🙂

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