Queen Anne’s Lace

How great was my surprise when I looked around the yard today and found Queen Anne’s Lace growing in one of our garden containers!  What luck!  Now most of you are thinking – isn’t this a weed?  Doesn’t it grow by the side of the road and we pay to have it mown during the summer?  Aren’t there fields full of this stuff in the country?  Yes, yes, yes!  But I think it the most beautiful flower of all.  I have tried and tried – in vain – to dig it up from the side of the road and plant it in my garden.  It just doesn’t work!  How could something that grows so plentiful be so hard to transplant?  But now that is no longer a concern!  It grows in my garden – on it’s own!  Let’s examine the flower carefully.

Okay, after I read this to my husband he told me to look in the flower beds in the front yard – there are almost as many Queen Anne’s Lace plants as there are Black-Eyed Susans!  I didn’t know they were there!  There are no blooms yet, but many little balls just ready to burst open any time!  I guess last year when we transplanted it really worked!

The plant is daucus carota – and is also known by the name wild carrot – its root smells like a carrot!

Examined close up you can see the individual tiny flowers, their separate tiny petals forming beautiful clusters.  It reminds me of a bridal bouquet.

Queen Anne’s Lace occasionally has a tiny dark red flower in the center.  This is to attract insects.

It is called Queen Anne’s Lace because the flower resembles lace; the red flower in the center is representative of a blood droplet when Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle while making the lace.  Isn’t it a lovely flower – and freely given to us by nature!


4 responses to “Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. I just explained about Queen Anne’s Lace to my grand-daughter Lily yesterday afternoon. She said..”They’re so pretty. Can we dig some up and take them home?”

  2. I too, always thought they were a pretty weed. Momma always told me they were weeds too! Now that I know they are and are not a weed, I will have to put a stake by mine to keep my husband from cutting them down! Hopefully he hasn’t pulled up the ones in my concrete flower boxes either! I just explained it to my husband and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about!

  3. I love them too. I used to pick them for my mom and she would proudly display them in a vase on the table!

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