Zealous for Zinnias!

Hooray for zinnias!  I love them!  They grow enthusiastically with very little effort!  They continue blooming throughout the summer.  And they come in such a profusion of colors and varieties.  We choose three or four packets of zinnia seeds each year, of different varieties.

One of our eight raised beds is dedicated just to zinnias.  What was left of the arugula has just been pulled from the bed in the right front.  We will plant more basil and dill.  You can see the zinnia bed in the back on the right.

This is a great color zinnia, and the petals are not uniform – makes it very interesting.

In comparison, this is uniformity in perfection!

They are each so different!

This beautiful bloom is one of the smaller zinnias, but quite fantastic in its own way.  Ritchey tries to sow the seeds for the smaller flowers around the edge of the bed, the larger in the middle.  Sometimes it works!  Sometimes we have small ones in the middle, too!

Don’t you love this shade of orange?

Such vibrant colors – even the green leaves!  For an easy splash of color in your garden, consider planting zinnias!  And you can be zealous for zinnias, too!


Any thoughts?

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