Day Lilies and Such, Macro Style

We’ve received such good rains in the last week or so that our gardens are coming along nicely.  Three weeks ago we were worried about a dry summer – that’s generally the weather in Kentucky, if you don’t like it, wait just a bit and it will change!  These photos were taken with my macro lens.

This is the first day lily of this beautiful magenta color to bloom.

I love the ruffles on the the edge of the petals!

This pink is one of my favorites!

This darker pink is a smaller variety, but still very beautiful!

This bumble bee couldn’t resist the smell of our lavender – and neither can I!

Ritchey has already cut back the chamomile once to dry for tea – he will soon have another crop!

The hint of a lovely hydrangea bloom to come!

Notice the dark edging on the petals of this day lily.  Thank you for visiting my garden today!


3 responses to “Day Lilies and Such, Macro Style

  1. I love the bumblebee picture best of all…your photography is so amazing!

  2. Yet again, another great piece of exquisite creations.

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