The Sunflower

Around noon I ventured out to the backyard to take pictures.  Yes, this is generally a daily occupation – but things can change so quickly!  What was a bud yesterday may be a flower today!  I noticed this sunflower on the side of the house was absolutely beautiful.  The only problem – it’s about 8 foot tall!  I had my macro lens on the camera and thought if I stood on my toes and reached as high as I could, perhaps I could get some shots.  So that’s precisely what I did.

I couldn’t see what I was actually shooting.

It was more of a “try to stand as still as possible, point the camera, hold the button down half way until it automatically focuses – and shoot!”

They weren’t too bad – but what if I were closer?

So I brought out a step-stool – and this is what I got!

And this.

And this.

I can see why so many people love sunflowers – from a distance they are tall, lovely flowers with a huge ‘sun’ flower at the top!  But the closer you get the more there is to experience and love about this wonderful flower!


3 responses to “The Sunflower

  1. Awesome pictures! My sunflowers are about 6ft tall.

Any thoughts?

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