Fauna at Anna Maria Island

Some of the wildlife found on Anna Maria Island, during our trip to Florida earlier in the year.

Brown Pelicans

Pelicans are my favorite beach bird!  They just look huge and cumbersome, but can dive into an exact spot when looking for food!

Diving Pelican

It took days to get this shot!  I followed their flight with my camera – until they went left when I veered right!

Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron is such a beautiful bird!  And this one let me walk right up and take his picture!  He didn’t seem to mind – perhaps he was watching the sunrise as were we!

Common Starfish

How could anything so lovely be called ‘common’?  Unfortunately this starfish had lost part of one arm.

Great Egret

Another bird that didn’t mind company on the beach – this Great Egret was close enough to touch!

Snowy Egret

This Snowy Egret was in the same area.

Purple-Striped Jellyfish

Didn’t want to get too close to this jellyfish!

Common Terns

Can’t forget the squawking terns and gulls!

Morning Congregation

Morning inspection!

American Oystercatcher

I love the showy red beak!

Sand Dollar

Ritchey found this for me towards the end of our lovely week – a perfect Sand Dollar!  I have it in a shadowbox frame on my desk.

Dolphin and Pelican

The last night at sunset we were treated to the delightful play of several dolphins.


The show just kept getting better and better – I was snapping pictures as quickly as I could!


I took over 600 pictures!


And finally got this one!  What a show!  It was a wonderful ending to a lovely two weeks!


2 responses to “Fauna at Anna Maria Island

  1. These pictures are amazing! Great shots; thanks for posting!

  2. we were at the same location this past may!!! jesse’s brother and family live in bradenton and we went to the beaches on this island a couple of times, and out to eat at the pier one night too. how fun, we LOVED it and have very similar pictures 🙂

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