Tastefully British

High Tea at Tastefully British

While on vacation at Anna Maria Island, Florida, in February, we found this delightful tea shop in Sarasota.  Tastefully British is located on 2236 Gulf Gate Drive.  Ritchey enjoys tea shops as much as I do!  This was an unexpected treat on this trip – we didn’t know about this shop until we found it in the phone book!

High Tea

We decided on a Windsor Royal High Tea from the menu choices.  Our tea began with a slice of quiche, a green salad and a bowl of fresh fruit – and a pot of Earl Grey!  I have such a hard time trying a new tea!  When I do I always wish I had chosen Earl Grey!  The quiche was absolutely delightful!  Flaky, delicious crust – bacon and spinach in the egg mixture!

Finger Sandwiches, Scones and Desserts

To be completely honest I thought the finger sandwiches dry and boring.  But the scones with strawberry jam and Devon cream more than made up for them!  Absolutely wonderful!  The dessert plate was piled so high there was no way we could finish everything – but they gladly boxed our leftovers to go.  The cupcakes were velvety smooth with cream on top.  The chocolate tower squares were marvelous – but very rich!

Enjoying Our Feast

The mother-in-law of the owner told us tales of World War II England while serving our tea.  Her family lived next to the US air base and her mom did laundry for the pilots.  She said it was so very sad when a pilot they knew well did not return.  It was so interesting hearing a first-hand account of experiences during the war – and told with her lovely English accent!


Any thoughts?

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