That’s My Dad!

Linton, Ritchey and Kate

There’s a wonderful man in this picture.  Not only my husband, but a fantastic dad to our two children.  From their early adventures hiking – and taking pictures as if they were at the top of a huge cliff to worry me – to the day we moved them into college – and moved again, and yet again! – their relationship as dad and children has grown and grown.

If there is a problem, they call their dad.  If they have a question, they call their dad.  He’s taught them to how to change tires and brakes – even Kate!  Made Ninja Turtle pancakes for them when they were little, taught them to swim.  He read The Lord of the Rings to them when they were 5 and 7 – their love of reading, already on a good start, blossomed into a life long love.  He played guitar and sang to them at night when it was time for bed – they both love to sing and Linton plays guitar, too.  He wrote little notes for their sack lunches every day – and they both still cherish all those bits of paper.  I could go on and on.

But he also taught them to love people and be compassionate in their dealings with others.  Linton and Kate both stand up for the underdog – they fight for a just cause, and not just go the popular route.

Now that they are grown when someone comments about him, Kate grins and says, “That’s my dad!”  His children mean the world to him – and he is everything to them!  Happy Father’s Day, Sweetie!


4 responses to “That’s My Dad!

  1. What a sweet post! And some of your references reminded me of my son: Ninja Turtles, Lord of the Rings..
    Your hubby sounds like an awesome dad. Your children (& you!) are very fortunate!

  2. That’s my dad! 🙂 That was such a wonderful post!

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