Tomatoes – Not Since Last Year!

This picture from last year makes my mouth water!  It gives hints of the pleasures that are yet to come!  These were some of our German Johnson tomatoes, adorned with our fresh basil, cracked pepper, salt, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and a drizzle of olive oil!  We’ve not bought tomatoes since last summer and the anticipation is building!

Ritchey has just placed the cages around this year’s tomato plants – good sturdy cages made from cattle panel.  A week ago and I couldn’t have told you what that was!  In a few weeks when we take the first bite of summer’s crop we will know the wait was worth it!


4 responses to “Tomatoes – Not Since Last Year!

  1. Donna Mattingly

    Mmm! German Johnson is one of the heirloom varieties we grow, also—very nice tomato. If you crave some tomatoes before yours come in and happen to be in Marion County, I recommend you stop by “Granddaddy’s Garden” just off Loretto Road on Cowherd’s Lane. We picked up some nice tomatoes there yesterday and they also have beautiful lettuce and strawberries. They expect to have lots of blackberries by the 4th of July.

  2. Hi, your tomato plants look to be at the same stage as mine. I see that you have dusted them with something. Are you worried about bugs or about disease? We have had a lot of wet, cool days here in Maine and I am on the look out for signs of blight. Hope you have a good crop.

    • My husband dusts our plants with sulphur – bugs don’t like it! Our weather in Kentucky has been hot and dry (about 90 degrees) – although this morning we are having a thunderstorm! At least our flowers and plants are getting a drink. Thank you – I hope your tomatoes do well!

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