‘We make you kindly welcome!’

East Family Dwelling - Accommodations

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Harrodsburg, Kentucky

One of our favorite places to visit is only a stone’s throw from our home.  ‘Shakertown” as it is known in Harrodsburg, is the most relaxing place on earth!  Shakers lived here until 1910.  It is now a nonprofit National Historic Landmark.  There are 34 original buildings and 3,000 acres of countryside.

Ritchey and I come to Shakertown to walk.  Troubles seem to melt away when you begin a stroll down the gravel roads lined with trees.  Life slows down here.  There is time to talk and think and meditate.  Many people come to spend a weekend – or longer!

A wagon pulled by two percherons takes visitors on a tour around the village.  The driver stops now and then to talk about a particular building or give time for pictures!  Animals are a big part of Shakertown – baby lambs in the spring, goats who must have the grass outside the fence, oxen, donkeys and cats!

This is a fine example of the rock fences found in much of Mercer County.

Shaker Village produces much of the food served in the dining room.  The large vegetable garden is beside the Trustees’ Office Dining Room, the herb garden (seen in the photo above) is beside the Centre Family Dwelling.

The architecture at Shaker Village is quite exquisite.  There are two spiral staircases in the Trustees’ Office – one on each side – one for women, one for men.

The Trustees’ Office Dining Room may be the most visited building!  As you are walking by you are accosted by the wonderful smells of lunch or dinner.  Shakertown is most famous for it’s Lemon Shaker Pie – once you’ve eaten it no other lemon pie will do!  They slice their lemons paper-thin – and their crust is flaky and delicious!

When sharing a meal here we always request the porch – at least once upon a time it was a porch!  Now it is a glorious room with long windows.  You can look out and in every direction is a fine view.  The last time we were there two tiny birds were building a nest atop the lamp post just outside our window!

If ever you are close by I encourage you to visit Shaker Village – and I promise they will ‘make you kindly welcome!’



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